Bar code images

Price List

1 7.50
2 14.00
3 20.00
4 25.50
5 29.00
6 33.00
7 36.00
8 38.50
9 40.50
10 42.00
20 70.00
50 120.00
100 175.00
All prices ex VAT

Included in the price of the barcode images is a scan test of your artwork (with the barcode).

Using our scanners here at Terrapin we can ensure that you will not get any problems with retailers selling your product and therefore putting you at ease.




Incorporating the bar code image into your product


We have two very simple solutions available for generating EAN bar code graphics:

1. Bar Code Image Creation Service

Price for a single bar code image is 7.50, with significant discounts applied for multiple bar code images ordered. EPS and high resolution JPEG formats are supplied as standard for you to incorporate into your packaging design.

2. Bar Code Image Software

Software for creating industry standard EAN-13 bar code graphics according to GS1 standards. The software can create EPS, JPG, BMP, TIF and other graphic formats for you to incorporate into your packaging design.

Download Software Demo - PC

Download WBC4 demo for PC

Download Software Demo - Mac

Download MBC4 demo for Mac
The demo will enable you to create the bar code on-screen. The production version allows files to be saved in different graphic formats.

Cost £99.00 (plus VAT if applicable)

Payment methods - Purchase Order or Credit Card payment over the phone.


Designer Barcodes

For something a bit different, why not try a custom designed barcode? We can enhance your barcode image to reflect your own unique product. Visit and have a look at our gallery of barcode images.

Printing your bar code

If it's pre-printed bar code labels that you require - whether a few hundred or hundreds of thousands - we can print them for you. Please visit our labels page for further information and pricing.

Bar code printer hardware

If you want to purchase a bar code printer and do your own printing, we recommend our hardware partners Decision Technology.